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5 productivity pain points every HR manager should be watching in 2019

Productivity is critical to business success and remaining competitive. Every allocated resource should be used to its best advantage and to the most benefit to the organization, with processes and tools in place to make sure this happens. Businesses are investing in time and tools for their employees to effectively collaborate and concentrate and yet paradoxically these same businesses are

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5 ways to boost your company’s employee engagement using video

Two big challenges that continue to plague HR managers are employee engagement and retention. It’s not hard to see why, when many companies continue to prioritize profit over people. Low employee engagement is often born of employees not feeling valued, a lack of career development opportunities, a lack of trust in the organization’s leadership, and a toxic company culture. However,

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Why people analytics technology is key for HR management in 2019

In today’s digitally enabled world, the role of human resource managers is fast being revolutionised, with people analytics becoming more and more important. While the discipline of people analytics is not new, its strategic application as a corporate function, and particularly in HR, is still being established. Not very far back, one of the biggest hurdles faced by HR departments

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A Guide to the HR Lifecycle

Like many other parts of life and business, human resources has a unique life cycle. The HR life cycle is basically the sequence of the stages employees go through and the role human resource managers are tasked to take on during each one of those stages. The HR lifecycle is a concept in human resources management that describes the stages

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6 tips to keep in mind on setting effective goals for your employees

Setting goals for employees is a key responsibility for any manager. By setting effective goals, a manager not only enables improvement in employee productivity but also actively helps strengthen the organisation as a whole and enhance its employer brand. So you’ve got your company strategy in place for the year – well done. A company without a strategy is a

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