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The Art and Style of Virtual Onboarding

By Chuma Chukwujama

The global pandemic has caused a significant shift in the way businesses operate, and one of the most notable changes has been the move towards virtual onboarding. With remote work becoming the new norm, companies are finding new ways to onboard new employees without meeting them in person. This h...

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Achieving Excellence Via Remote Work

By Chuma Chukwujama

In these times where remote work is the ‘new normal’, business managers are saddled with the additional responsibility of ensuring employees are effectively carrying out their responsibilities and meeting deadlines on assigned duties. This can sometimes be a daunting task as one can’t really tell wh...

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Ten Trends Driving Modern HR in Nigeria

By Chuma Chukwujama

In Nigeria today, talented people are needed in businesses to ensure success. These people must be erudite, motivated and superior-performing employees. This is always true, but no more now, because quite a number of CEOs in Nigeria perceive their employees as the great differentiator in a very comp...

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5 ways to boost your companys employee engagement using video

By Chuma Chukwujama

Two big challenges that continue to plague HR managers are employee engagement and retention.

It’s not hard to see why, when many companies continue to prioritize profit over people. Low employee engagement is often born of employees not feeling valued, a lack of career development opportunities, a l...

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