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Core HR Suite

Transform HR Operations: Simplify, Streamline, Succeed

The Core HR Suite is a comprehensive set of features and functionalities designed to streamline essential HR 

processes. It helps HR teams to improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance, while freeing up time to 

focus on strategic initiatives. 

Leave management

Employee provisioning and profile management

Enterprise Structure Planning

Job Modeling

Global Audit Trail

Exit and offboarding management

Confirmation and employee integration

HR Document Management

Active Directory Single Sign On (SSO)

Global Reporting & Analytics

The Core HR Suite is a valuable tool for any organization that wants to improve the efficiency and 

effectiveness of its HR department

Talent Suite

Unlock Your Talent's Potential: Streamline, Analyze, and Excel

The Talent Suite is a comprehensive set of features designed to optimize talent management processes

Performance Management, enabling organizations to set goals, track progress, and provide feedback for employee performance evaluations

Talent placement module facilitates the identification of suitable candidates for specific roles and enables efficient talent allocation

Employee Surveys enable organizations to gather valuable feedback from employees to improve engagement, satisfaction, and culture

Competency Management allows for defining and assessing the skills and competencies required for different roles within the organization

Succession and Career Management functionality helps organizations identify and develop future leaders, manage career paths, and plan for succession

Talent Reporting and Analytics  provides insights and data-driven analysis to support strategic decision-making in talent management

Overall, the Talent Suite streamlines and enhances talent-related processes, enabling organizations to 

optimize performance, identify and develop top talent, and drive overall success

Compensation Suite

Efficient Compensation, Happy Workforce: Optimize Payroll, Compliance, and Rewards

The Compensation Suite is a comprehensive set of features designed to streamline and manage compensation processes

Global Payroll Management, allowing organizations to handle payroll across multiple countries, ensuring accuracy and compliance with local regulations

Tax and Compliance functionality ensures adherence to tax laws and regulations, simplifying tax calculations, deductions, and reporting

Rewards and Benefits management to effectively administer and track employee rewards, incentives, and benefits

Multiple payroll profiles enable the customization of payroll settings for different employee groups or locations

Employee Loan Administration facilitates the management of employee loans, including tracking repayment schedules and calculating interest

Overall, the Compensation Suite simplifies and automates compensation processes, ensuring accurate payroll 

management, compliance, and efficient administration of rewards and benefits

Recruitment Suite

Unlock the Power of Recruitment Excellence: Attract, Engage, and Onboard Top Talent

The Recruitment Suite is a comprehensive set of features designed to streamline and optimize the recruitment process

Applicant Tracking System, allowing organizations to manage and track applicants throughout the hiring process

Interview Management simplifies the scheduling, coordination, and evaluation of candidate interviews

Candidate to Employee Onboarding module facilitates a smooth transition from candidate to employee, ensuring a seamless and efficient onboarding process

Job Hosting & Posting functionality enables seamless posting of job openings on various platforms and websites

The Candidate Testing Platform provides tools for conducting assessments and evaluations to gauge candidate suitability

Overall, the Recruitment Suite empowers organizations to attract top talent, effectively manage the recruitment 

workflow, and seamlessly onboard new hires, ultimately enhancing the overall recruitment experience

Learning & Employee Development

Learning for Success: Enhance Skills, Boost Knowledge, Drive Performance

The Learning & Employee Development Suite is a comprehensive set of features designed to facilitate employee 

learning and development

Course Builder, enabling organizations to create and customize interactive courses and training materials

The Learning Path Model allows for the creation of personalized learning paths tailored to individual employee needs and career development

The Learning Reporting & Analytics feature provides insights and data-driven analysis to measure the effectiveness of learning initiatives and inform decision-making

The eLearning Classroom provides a virtual environment for employees to access and participate in online learning activities

The Learning Feedback module enables employees to provide feedback on courses and training experiences, fostering continuous improvement

Overall, the Learning & Employee Development Suite empowers organizations to enhance employee skills, 

knowledge, and performance through a comprehensive and user-friendly learning experience

Business Process Builder

Take Control of Your Processes: Optimize Efficiency and Drive Productivity

The Business Process Builder is a versatile tool designed to streamline and automate various business processes

Travel Management, allowing organizations to efficiently manage and track employee travel requests, bookings, and expenses

Employee Welfare  supports the management of employee benefits, wellness programs, and other welfare initiatives

Incident Management allows for the efficient reporting and resolution of workplace incidents and accidents

Club Subscriptions enables the administration and tracking of employee club memberships and subscriptions

Requisitions module facilitates the process of managing and tracking purchase requisitions and approvals

Additionally, the platform offers the flexibility of creating custom business processes to address specific organizational needs

Overall, the Business Process Builder empowers organizations to optimize efficiency, enhance control, and automate 

key business processes, resulting in improved productivity and streamlined operations

Payments & Embedded Finance

Streamline Financial Processes with Confidence: Secure Salary Credits, Hassle-free Payments

The Payments & Embedded Finance Module offered in partnership with licensed digital payments and loan service 

providers, brings an integrated comprehensive suite of features to streamline financial HR transactions within organizations

With Direct Employee Salary Credits, employees can receive their salaries directly into their bank accounts, ensuring timely and secure payments

Regulatory Compliance ensures adherence to financial regulations and compliance requirements, providing peace of mind

Regulatory Remittances feature assists organizations in meeting their tax and statutory remittance obligations

Vendor payments can be efficiently managed, enabling organizations to easily process payments to suppliers and service providers

Expense Management simplifies the tracking, submission, and reimbursement of employee expenses, enhancing transparency and control

Additionally, the Salary Loan functionality provides employees with a convenient and streamlined process for managing salary advances and loans

With our Payments & Embedded Finance Module, organizations can optimize financial processes, promote efficiency, 

and enhance the overall financial well-being of employees

Platform Services

Unleash the Power Within: Harness Integration and AI to Optimize Your HR Platform

The Platform Services offer a range of integrations and advanced capabilities to enhance the overall functionality 

and intelligence of the Xceed365 HCM platform

ERP integration, organizations can seamlessly connect their HR processes with existing enterprise systems, enabling data synchronization and workflow automation

Line of Business Application Integration allows for seamless data exchange and process integration with other business applications, fostering operational efficiency

Identity & Access Management (IAM) integration ensures secure and controlled access to the platform, aligning with existing authentication and authorization protocols

BI App Integration enables the integration of business intelligence tools, empowering organizations to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions

The Xceed365 AI engine supports:

Predictive Analytics, enabling HR professionals to anticipate trends and make proactive decisions

HR Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) bring the power of AI-driven natural language processing to automate and optimize HR workflows

The Platform Services provide organizations with a comprehensive suite of integration capabilities and advanced AI 

features to unlock the full potential of their HR SaaS platform

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