5 ways to boost your companys employee engagement using video

By Chuma Chukwujama

Two big challenges that continue to plague HR managers are employee engagement and retention.

It’s not hard to see why, when many companies continue to prioritize profit over people. Low employee engagement is often born of employees not feeling valued, a lack of career development opportunities, a l...

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Why people analytics technology is key for HR

By Chuma Chukwujama

In today’s digitally enabled world, the role of human resource managers is fast being revolutionised, with people analytics becoming more and more important. While the discipline of people analytics is not new, its strategic application as a corporate function, and particularly in HR, is still bein...

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8 Steps to Reducing Your Time to Hire

By Chuma Chukwujama

What is Time to Hire

Time-to-hire is a metric that evaluates how long it takes you to hire someone by calculating the days between when they apply and when they accept your offer. The time-to-hire statistic creates a benchmark for how quickly candidates progress through your employment process.


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Scale new heights with your people capabilities

By Chuma Chukwujama

Did you know that, in order to succeed in an emerging market you need to have a structured competency management? Thats what the 2014 KPMG report recommended to its clients. The objective of an organisation is to attain a common goal and while doing so, there are many routine activities that are car...

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