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Core HR Suite
Compensation Suite
Talent Suite
HR Predictions Suite
Core HR Suite

The Xceed365 HR Core Suite is a robust set of over 25 core employee administration tools that empower organizations with the information required to drive decision making, optimize planning and align with HR best practice across a diverse and global workforce. 

Compensation Suite

The Xceed365 Compensation Suite is a complete end-to-end payroll, compensation, reward management and payments engine delivering accurate and timely legislation-compliant payments to your entire workforce.

Talent Suite

The Xceed365 Talent Suite enables organizations to use a unified, personalized and culture-focused approach to sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, developing, measuring, and managing employee performance, career, and succession.

HR Predictions Suite

The Xceed365 Predictions Suite uses AI, advanced analytics and datasets to help organizations predict employee behavior, enabling executives to make smarter, more timely decisions. 

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Solutions By Industry


Stay ahead in the communications industry with Xceed365 Unified HR and Communication management system

Built for the Future…

Given the rate at which mobile technology is growing, it seems only natural that the way people communicate will change. How will your organization embrace this change and are you even ready for it? With Xceed365 you’re sure to stay ahead of this ever evolving industry.

Our efficient, mobile, cloud applications help you engage with your workforce on a global level. Xceed365 can help you meet the unique challenges of the communications industry head-on through predictive insights and innovative workforce building.

Xceed365 Features for the Communications Industry

  • Data Analytics
  • Global Workforce Management
  • Unified Communications System

Energy and Utility

Equip your business to accurately predict and respond to the complex demands of the energy and utility market

Gain Proactive Advantage…

Energy and utility companies face the challenge of coordinating employees with varying skill sets, across a range of global locations. Deciding whom to hire requires careful analysis since certain roles require an awareness of regulatory, environment and global issues.

Xceed365 is poised help Energy and utility companies quickly respond to new markets, market regulations, and market shift. With inbuilt HR, payroll and projects management features, you gain accurate intelligence into your business resources and positioning.

Xceed365 Features for the Energy and Utility Industry

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Configurable Project Management
  • Efficient HR Management

Financial Services

Minimise business risks and respond quickly to regulatory standards with an innovative system

Discover Proactive Risk Management...

Financial and Insurance sectors face lots of volatility. Corporate teams are generally required to work collaboratively and transparently. They must also adhere to stringent regulations. HR departments in financial organisations must have access to quick, 360-degree overviews of their staff, talent and internal capabilities.

Xceed365 software allows you to take proactive steps towards minimising the many risks in the financial industry. Our software is designed with features that let you easily manage finance, HR and planning. With Xceed365 analytics feature, you can gain strategic insights into the financial market and take proactive steps towards minimising risks.

Xceed365 Features for the Financial Industry

  • Payroll Management
  • Cloud-based Data Management
  • Predictive Data Analytics

Government Agencies

Building a globally relevant workforce with pinpoint accuracy and optimum resource management.

Maximise National Resources...

Government agencies face a slew of demands. They have limited resources and manage various other challenges. Acquiring the right employees is essential to quality and continuity of service.

Xceed365 is designed to help government agencies all over Africa, build formidable workforces with minimal resource wastage. With Xceed365 government agencies can easily plan, budget and improve employee succession.

Xceed365 Features for the Government Agencies

  • Human Capital Management
  • Unified Communications System
  • Data Analytics


Be equipped to deliver unbeatable patient care, all year round, with a more organised healthcare operations

Transform your healthcare operations...

Healthcare organizations, facilities, and hospitals must adhere to strict, regulatory compliance. This is only achieved through highly committed, well-trained employees. There is also a huge need to manage employee education and reduce high employee turnovers.

Xceed365 is an industry revolutionising software that helps healthcare organizations, all over Africa, to deliver remain highly organised in an ever-changing industry while maintaining world class standards. With Xceed365 healthcare organisations can nurture the right talents and manage their human resource effectively.

Xceed365 Features for the Healthcare Industry

  • Data Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Unified Communications System

Higher Education

Run a more streamlined Higher Education organisation and stay on top of students data with Xceed365 data management software.

Manage institutional data efficiently...

The education sector is highly competitive. It has one of the highest employee turnover rates and is experiencing serious shortages of qualified staff. It also struggles with employee retention. The education sector has a strong need for smarter data management processes.

Xceed365 helps higher education organisations stay ahead of competition with a streamlined HR management software. Xceed365 has all you need to run every aspect of your institutions effectively; from staff to students data management.

Xceed365 Features for the Higher Education Industry

  • Data Management
  • Budget Applications
  • Time Management


Make more data driven decisions that put your organisation ahead of the hospitality industry using Xceed365 data solutions.

Thrive in a highly competitive industry...

The hospitality industry is expected to be the fastest-growing market from a revenue perspective over the next five years with a projected 14.7 percent compound annual increase in revenue, PwC stated in the 7th edition of its ‘Hotels Outlook: 2017-2021.

Only companies that achieve a balance in workforce management and budgeting, will benefit from this massive growth. Xceed365 helps hospitality businesses all over Africa to take advantage of this fast growing industry by reducing turnover and increasing operational effectiveness. With Xceed365, you can develop an efficient workforce and respond to industry changes strategically.

Xceed365 Features for the Hospitality Industry

  • Business Analytics
  • Global Workforce Management
  • Resource Management


Create a quality teaching and learning environment by gaining deep insight into teachers and learners competencies.

Increase Teacher/student Excellence...

Retention rates for teachers are falling dramatically. This makes it difficult to ensure a quality education. Statistics show that teachers move away from the teaching profession before five years on the job. Proactive measures are needed for career development, and talent management.

Xceed365 is designed to help businesses in the K-12 industry mitigate.

Xceed365 Features for the K-12 Industry

  • Data Analytics
  • Global Workforce Management
  • Unified Communications System

Life Sciences

Stay on top of the slew of unprecedented challenges in the life sciences industry by recruit and retain the best talent from all over Africa

All the features you need to recruit and retain the best talent...

The life sciences industry intricately linked to regulatory, economic and legislative changes across the world and therefore faces a slew of unprecedented challenges including target selection, drug discovery, clinical development, manufacturing, and supply chain planning. Executives in this industry also face productivity issues, payer pressure, loss of patent protection and generic product competitive threats.

Xceed365 has all the features you need to recruit and retain the best talent from all over Africa. With Xceed365, your employees can adapt quickly to change, and focus on research, new product development and other business priorities.

Xceed365 Features for the Life Sciences Industry

  • Global Workforce Management
  • Unified Communications System
  • HR Management


Get all you need to optimize your processes and subsequently, your bottom line.

Keep up with the demand for a skilled workforce...

Nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will become available over the next decade. Manufacturers all over Africa are already feeling the pressure to fill currently open positions, and the exit of skilled laborers will only accentuate the need.

Xceed365 has all the features your manufacturing firm needs strive for consistency and innovation. Features like automated HR management ensure that your processes are optimized, and subsequently, your bottom line. With our innovative HR software, we ensure you get excellent people management and a skilled workforce.

Xceed365 Features for the Manufacturing Industry

  • Data Analytics
  • Global Workforce Management
  • Unified Communications System

Media and Entertainment

Get all you need to stay ahead of the ever expanding media and entertainment sector by producing great entertainment without compromising business efficiency.

Focus on producing great entertainment...

In Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, the media and entertainment sector is predicted to expand faster on average than the rest of the world. However, Media and Entertainment business is faced with quite a degree of unpredictability and this poses a greater challenge in the growth of the Industry.

Xceed365 is packed with features to help your entertainment business efficiently handle human resources so you can focus on what’s important; creation and distribution of media and entertainment content. Without exceptional HR management resources, you’re guaranteed to stay on top of the African media and entertainment industry.

Xceed365 Features for the Media and Entertainment Industry

  • Data Analytics
  • Global Workforce Management
  • Unified Communications System


Recruit and retain a formidable workforce, and future leaders committed to enacting real change

Recruit and train your workforce on a budget...

Not for profit organizations struggle to train and retain staff. They generally operate on tight budgets and they need tools that allow them to manage their workforce on a budget. Nonprofits also face big changes in how they operate, including fundraising in the digital age, attracting an engaged workforce and appealing to future donors.

Our innovative software is designed to help Nonprofits find employees dedicated to their cause or mission, and also seek out future leaders who will push them forward and help increase their reach. With Xceed365, you can recruit and retain a formidable workforce, committed to enacting real change.

Xceed365 Features for the Nonprofit Industry

  • Talent Base Solutions
  • Global Workforce Management
  • Unified Communications System


Get into the minds of your customers by understanding exactly how they make their buying decisions.

Real-time data analytics to help you understand your customer

The challenges facing the retail industry are very real. Retail is a highly competitive and only the best businesses survive. To provide best-of-class customer service, you need quality staff that are committed to your success.

Xceed365 has all the features your retail business needs for operations effectiveness and innovation. Features like automated HR management ensure that your processes are optimized, and subsequently, your bottom line. With our innovative HR software, we ensure you get excellent people management and a skilled workforce.

Xceed365 Features for the Retail Industry

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Global Workforce Management
  • Unified Communications System


Take charge of the technological industry with features that help you remain innovative, competitive and profitable

Now you can focus on product innovation and sales...

Tech companies strive to remain innovative, competitive and profitable. They require solutions that map knowledge gaps, identify in-house skills and help with the recruitment of employees with the right skills.

Xceed365 equips you with all the tools you need to keep up with the highly competitive nature of the technology industry. Xceed365 is packed with automated features like workforce management, data analytics and payroll management, to give you the time to focus on product development and new markets.

Xceed365 Features for the Technology Industry

  • Automated Payroll
  • Global Workforce Management
  • Real-time Analytics

Professional and Business Services

Get the flexibility you need to deliver personalized solutions for your clients every time!

Explore innovative features for strategic operations...

The professional and business services industry face a unique blend of challenges including addressing costing issues, developing methods for key employee retention, and identifying fair methods for compensation.

These challenges and more are what Xceed365 is built to tackle. Our software provides professional services industry specialists can provide you with strategic features that ensure effective budgeting and forecasting, operations, cash flow management, workforce management and eventual profitability.

Xceed365 Features for the Professional and Business Services Industry

  • Data Analytics
  • Global Workforce Management
  • Unified Communications System

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