Referral Partner Program

Join Our Referral Program and earn up to $15,000***

Terms and Conditions Apply***

Our Simple Process


Complete our Application Form


Sign Referral Agreement Contract


Start referring prospective Xceed365 customers


Start Earning: Earn attractive commissions of up to $15,000 when referred prospects become Xceed365 paying customers

Terms & Conditions

Qualification and Program Eligibility
  • Only accepted applicants who have signed the Xceed365 Referral Partner Program can refer prospects and earn a commission. 
  • This program is open to employees of Xceed365 customers as long as they do not violate corporate governance or any such policy. 
  • This program is open to independent consultants and consulting firms. 
  • Public Sector employees are not eligible to participate in this program. 
  • Certified partners have a different program for engagement with Xceed365 prospective customers and as such are exempted from participating in this program.
Referral Procedures
  • Referral partners need to register prospective deals in our Deal Qualification Portal which has been designed to capture relevant information that demonstrates the referral partner’s relationship and understanding of the prospect’s requirements.

  • Deal entries are qualified by our Partner Manager within two business days to confirm eligibility of the prospective deal.

  • Prospective deals will only be qualified if 

    1. The company referred is not an active customer of Xceed365.
    2. The company referred is not an active Xceed365 prospect who has already engaged in pre-sales activities including phone discussions, email communication, RFP’s and product demo’s within 6 months of the deal registration.
    3. The company referred is not an active other referral partner prospect who has already engaged in pre-sales activities including phone discussions, email communication, RFP’s and product demo’s within 6 months of the deal registration.
  • All deals that have not been closed within 6 months of deal registration and qualification will be deemed inactive. Inactive deals are candidates for referral from another partner or Xceed365.
  • A notification will be sent on the status of the referral partner deal registration by email or via the designated secure chat channel.

  • Referral earnings is 10% on the first year software subscription only and capped at $15,000. 

  • Implementation and other services provided by Xceed365 do not attract referral earnings.

  • Earned referral fees are paid to referral partners within 14 days of receipt of invoice following receipt of 100% of the 1st year subscription from the Xceed365 Customer. 

  • Invoices submitted by referral partners are subject to applicable taxes. 

  • Referral fees are only paid once for the first year software subscription. Referral fees are NOT earned or paid in subsequent years.

Xceed365 reserves the right to amend or discontinue the Referral Programme at any time without prior notice.


How is a referral qualified?
  • Referral partners should have a relationship with the organization and individuals being referred and permissions should be obtained to share information with Xceed365. 
  • Upon qualification Referral Partners would be informed via email or secure chat.
  • Upon a successful subscription sale to a customer and full payment received by Xceed365,Referral Partners will be informed via email or secure chat to submit a referral partner fee invoice for processing.
How is the commission calculated?
  • 10% of the Software Subscription is calculated as fees payable to the Referral Partner up to a capped limit of $15,000 or its equivalent in Nigerian Naira.
How often is commission paid?
  • Commission is only paid once per referred customer for the first year subscription.
  • Commissions are NOT paid for subscriptions of subsequent years.
How is the commission paid out?
  • Upon full payments made by the referred customer, Xceed365 will send an email or secure chat within 7 business days requesting for an invoice. 
  • Upon successful submission of the Referral Partner commission invoice, Xceed365 would make payments to the designated bank account within 30 days.